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  • Dara Singh()
    Disease: Renal Callulus Patient Record No.:15982

     He has been cured and cleared all the calculus/stones in the kidney and ureteric area in a span of 3-4months but with a strict diet restriction plan.

    Contact Number - +91 161 5112210

  • Naina Arora()
    Disease: Warts On Face Patient Record No.:20107

     She has cured multiple flat warts on her face as well as on different body parts(atleast 40-50in number) in a span of 7-8 months No Single mark of the wart has left behind.

    Contact Number - 094644-75640

  • Neha Sharma()
    Disease: Obesity Patient Record No.:21070

    She has reduced 11kgs without much excercise but with a strict diet plan but not dieting & that too in a short span of 5 months.

    Contact Number - 098883-17049

  • Shivani Khurana()
    Disease: Ovarian cyst Patient Record No.:20463

    The Lady has cured all the symptoms related and as well as clear ultrasound report for ovarian cysts (bilateral & multiple) in 3 months span.

    Contact Number - 098157-71313

  • Jannat()
    Disease: Leucoderma Patient Record No.:21081

    The Child, aged 9 years has recovered 100% from whitespots of Leucoderma/ Vitiigo with in a span of 5 months with strict diet instructions and has not complained of any reoccurences.

    Contact Number - 098884-2794

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